Rental FAQS

I want to use your signs in my wedding!  How do I book my date?

Congratulations! Please select a package, click 'book now' you will be directed to a calendar where you can check  availability.

Do you deliver/pick up?

Yes!  We will transport signs up to 15 miles (round trip) free of charge. For deliveries greater than 15 miles, our going rate is $.50 per mile.

Can I pick up my rentals and return them myself?

Of course! We are located in Lebanon Oregon.  Address and location will be provided upon booking.

Can I have someone else pick-up and return the signs?


How many days are included in the rental?

Our rental package prices include 3 days total.  This allows for 1 day to pick-up, the day of the event, and 1 day for drop off.  If you keep the signs longer than your allotted rental days additional charges will apply.

What if a sign gets damaged or broken?

We understand accidents may happen, However in the event that damage does occur you will be responsible for  purchasing the sign in full. 

What if it rains at my wedding?  Do all of the signs need to be brought inside?

Not necessarily! All of our wood signs are sealed,  However, additional charges may apply due to excessive water exposure and /or damage.

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